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Ms Manisha Gupta WINS yet another Award, after having been a WINNER at an International Film Festival in LOS ANGELES (Sept.) and the 6th Dada Saheb Phalke Film Festival (Apr.), for her Debut Screenplay “FALL” In SPRING….??, at the 5th Delhi Shorts International Film Festival, 2016 on November 6. Ms Manisha’s Short Film “HAPPINESS IS…” has Won an Award at the 2nd Dehradun International Film Festival, 2016. This Film has been an Official Selection at many International Film Festivals in India & Abroad.

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Belonging to DehraDun and having had her entire education from the best convent schools in Nainital and DehraDun, her areas of interest are a unique mix of arts, crafts and IP (Intellectual Property) issues.

Being the daughter of an IFS forest officer, she should have ideally got into IPR issues related to Bio Diversity, but her being of a creative and innovative bent of mind, she became deeply involved with IPR issues pertaining to Cultural Diversity and protection of Cultural Knowledge, which was something very novel at the time she began researching and working in the area.

Having lived in and toured all over Uttaranchal, UP, Bihar , Delhi and now Rajasthan, with spending more than a decade in Mumbai and a year in Sapporo- Hokkaido, the northern most island of Japan- she has been exposed a vast variety and range of art & culture. She began with some research on Garhwal Paintings and went on to work a lot on the “Kota Doria” fabric of Rajasthan. Her passion is to get the deserving creative communities their rights and commercial benefits for use of their creative genius and knowledge base. Moreover she wants to spread IPR awareness in India.

She stresses on the urgent need for an ‘IPR Infrastrucutre’ for India and would very much like everybody, from individuals to businesses, to improve their ‘Patent Potential’ or ‘Patential’ as she calls it.”

Read her interview, taken by Times of India, published in Bangalore edition. www.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/articleshow/604078.cms


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